Test Scores for Northwest Heritage Academy

It’s hard to believe this school year is almost over. It was exciting to see the test results from Basic Skills. Our students placed high against a national database, but more than that they also outdid their last year’s scores by a huge margin. Some gained up to 3 years in just this past year. We have one student that gained 5 years in reading comprehension this year! These kinds of scores show a lot of hard work on the student’s part and we couldn’t be more proud of their efforts and accomplishments. We also want to thank you as parents for supporting your students in their work. We know that homeschooling is not easy and there definitely has to be a mix of work and play. Children and teenagers need to have time to unwind and to be a part of the family unit in a productive way. Your support for our classes coupled with diligence in your own homeschool is greatly appreciated and hopefully, you have seen the fruit of your labor in their academic growth this year.

Surveys are coming in and we are paying attention to what you are saying! We are also adding some new high school electives next year!  I cannot wait for the big reveal! The middle and high school scheduling takes literally hundreds of hours due to all of the leveling of classes we do, but I assure you we will have that on the website by midsummer.

Continue to send in those surveys. We need your feedback!

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