Do Not Overlook the Importance of Summer Tutoring

Monday we launch our summer school, camps, and tutoring program. Preparing for this is always a bit hectic. It takes a lot of work and effort behind the scenes, so you can imagine how happy we are to finally have things rolling and ready to go on the 18th of June. You might be asking why we put so much work into a few hours of summer classes. What is the benefit of summer learning?  It’s important that children continue their learning through the summer break. Studies show that learning loss is very real. Students lose up to two months of learning during their break. This is especially true of children who are not motivated to learn on their own. Some children are quite content to do nothing but play video games all summer. Others want to be more active and choose to go to camps and other activities. Enrolling your child in tutoring helps to keep their minds active and to stave off the summer boredom, but even more than that it gives them a jump on the coming school year.

Here are just a few ways your child could benefit from summer tutoring:

It Bridges the Gap – If your child is behind then tutoring over the summer can bridge that academic gap. Students excel when they work one-on-one with a skilled tutor.

It Builds Confidence – As the learning gaps are filled in, a student gains confidence. We find that many times the student is capable of learning the concepts, but his own self-doubt holds him back. This is especially true for the student who frequently finds himself at the back of the class. After months and months of trying to stay caught up with peers, he feels discouraged and does not see the point in trying anymore. Tutoring builds confidence and allows the student to see that he actually can do the work with just a little help from tutors who know how to teach the material in the way that the student learns best.

It Prevents Summer Brain Drain – Children get lazy over the summer months. It’s easy to lose all semblance of a schedule. They will sleep late into the morning and stay up until the wee hours of the night. Studies show that children who keep regular schedules function better throughout the day and struggle less with depression and low energy. One way of keeping your child on a schedule is to have a scheduled time that the child meets with a tutor. Children are creatures of habit so keep good habits in place by structuring your child’s time.

It Offers New Opportunities – Tutoring does not have to be about catching up in school. Students can use this chance to learn new skills, to advance in math or to learn a new language or hone their computer skills.

If you would like to take advantage of the summer months, now is the time to get started. Put your child on the road to success through summer tutoring!


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