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Your Child is Unique, So Why Would We Use "Cookie Cutter" Education?

At Northwest Heritage Learning Center we realize times are uncertain and families are concerned for their children's education. Northwest Heritage Learning Center is here to help! We offer homeschool families in-person support by qualified tutors.

The fact is, your child does not fit into any specific mold. That is why we believe so strongly in creating and implementing programs that will meet your child's specific needs. Our skill-based classes inspire, challenge, and empower our students to become everything they were meant to be. We are a small group of educators dedicated to fostering a joyful, caring, and supportive learning environment for every student. Our low tutor to student ratio allows us to get to know each student personally and in turn, helps us place students at the correct level for optimum learning. Our students come from public, private, and home schools, however, upon enrolling, all students must register with their county for home school status. We offer classes from K5 - 12th grade. Parents who enroll their children into our program must be prepared to homeschool their children in courses that we do not offer and on the days that we are closed to ensure they meet Oregon's requirement for the number of days a student must be schooled in a given year.

At Northwest Heritage Learning Center, you will not find an "education factory" with overcrowded classes and an impersonal "take a number and get in line" approach.

We are different.

Our skill-based classes allow us to accept all types of children. Whether they have learning difficulties such as ADHD or Dyslexia, or they are itching to accelerate their education, we can help them.


Small Class Sizes

Manageable class sizes ensure your child can be effectively placed in leveled classes, and receive the attention and instructional time they need.

Mentoring In Real-Life Skills

Students do not just learn academics at NHLC Our trained staff mentors them in real-life skills they will need to excel in today's world.

Faith-Based Programs

Everything we do is fueled by our belief in Jesus Christ and his command to love and serve others. 

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